The 2017 Cassandra Award

Please consider nominating me for the first annual Cassandra Award.  The window for submitting nominations ends on November 1, 2017.

This particular award is named after Cassandra, a character from Greek mythology.  The gods bestowed upon her the ability to accurately predict the future, but at the same time, cursed her with the prospect of nobody willing to take seriously her prognostications.


Conceptually speaking, the objective of the award is to shed light upon potential tragedies and prevent foreseeable, hypothetical disasters.

This would certainly apply to my concerns regarding a “dominipede” (multiple, simultaneous human stampedes).  The modern, technological equivalent of shouting FIRE in a crowded theater is fundamentally a generic threat.  Yet, by and large, is also a paradox, thus rendering it undiscussable.

This particular asymmetric cyber-threat leaves humanity with a binary decision.  We can either acknowledge the current security disconnect with regard to emergency evacuation protocol for large, confined crowds (stadiums, ballparks, arenas, amphitheaters, etc.)… or make a conscious decision to maintain the status quo and deliberately suppress common sense, public safety information.  Simply stated, you either address the matter or purposely leave people ignorant (venue evac orders are NOT delivered via your personal cell phone or mobile device).  It’s my contention that the latter option is morally unacceptable.

Since 2011, I have made continual efforts to remedy this looming national security threat.  The issue transcends public safety and cyber-security.  It involves situational awareness and human rights as well.

In 2013, I founded AGSAF (the Artificially Generated Stampede Awareness Foundation) and created the website.  This website lays the ethical framework for proactively acknowledging the nature of the threat.  The website contains 100+ original articles which offer the moral rationale for taking action… in this case, simply divulging the truth.  Like many Cassandras, this position puts me directly at odds with the federal government and private industry.

My credentials also include the 4 books I’ve self-published and made freely available on the internet.  I’m currently working on a fifth. — an unusual autobiography which raises the prospect of artificially generated stampedes. — outlines the prediction for a dominipede (multiple, human stampedes likely impacting NFL stadiums) — a fictionally disturbing portrayal of my encounters with Pittsburgh authorities, seen through the eyes of a fifth grader — a comprehensive how-to-guide for dismantling the National Football League

And finally, I have written countless blog entries.  Feel free to sift through any of them.

Any questions or concerns, please contact me directly (304-312-1395).

Below is my personal information for the Cassandra form.

Eric Saferstein

Thank you for your consideration.