• The artificially generated stampede is a unique threat to national security.
  • It’s a transformative issue that requires government action.
  • The problems presented by the artificially generated stampede cannot be adequately addressed through mitigation.
  • The consequences of inaction are potentially so severe that it must be dealt with immediately and proactively.

The best solution would require government driven awareness campaigns.

The artificially generated stampede and the potential for a dominipede are inevitable national security issues.  At some point in the future, they will have to be addressed.  So here’s the million dollar question… will we attempt to solve these problems BEFORE or AFTER a catastrophe transpires?

In the 1940’s, the federal government realized that forest fire prevention was an unavoidable issue of national significance.  Congress chose to initiate the longest, currently running awareness campaign in the history of the United States.

Only you can prevent forest fires.

This was more than a tactical decision.  It was a moral one.

But some of our leaders expressed resistance and apprehension.  What if by making this issue available for public consumption, it backfires on us?  What if our enemies, both foreign and domestic, purposely start setting forest fires?  It’s a reasonable assertion.  Because there is an upside and a downside to every major course of action… and inaction.  And yes, this same paradox exists with the artificially generated stampede.

But there comes a time when the federal government must draw a clear line in the sand.  This is one of those epic moments in time.  Because the potential for an artificially generated stampede and the ensuing worst case scenario, a dominipede, is not an acceptable outcome.

The following suggestions need to be implemented by the federal government:

  • Mandate awareness campaigns as a matter of general policy.
  • Require public service announcements at large events.
  • Construct explanatory signage at relevant venues.
  • Require an assumption of risk disclaimer on ticket stubs similar to a foul ball or broken bat warning:  Cellular communication devices can be used to create artificially generated stampedes.  If you receive panic-inducing information or a message demanding an immediate evacuation, wait for official confirmation from the public address system.

If the federal government fails to be proactive, that burden would shift to the individual state governments.  If the states fail to act, the burden shifts to those responsible for overseeing large scale events.  Though ultimately it is a human problem.  Thus, we are all responsible for raising awareness and doing our part.