Dominipede documentary

dominipede doc When discussing the artificially generated stampede, I often hear the comment, “Wow, this would make a great movie.”  So in 2012, I focused on writing a documentary entitled “Dominipede.”   At the time, my intention was to produce it and send a copy of the DVD to every member of the United States Congress.  This way, in the event of such a tragedy, it would be virtually impossible for our political representatives to offer up excuses of plausible deniability.

I eventually came to the conclusion that I was getting ahead of myself.  Not only did I lack the necessary technical skills and financial resources, I had larger, procedural issues regarding how this issue is brought to light.  Yet, I would not dismiss the notion of finding a “Hollywood solution” to the artificially generated stampede.  What if a high profile producer (Speilberg, Stone, etc.) were to frame the issue in a big budget, Tom Clancy-like movie?  Since the U.S. government refuses to address the problem, maybe an answer could emerge from somewhere in the entertainment industry.  I see some interesting parallels with the 2002 blockbuster hit “The Sum of all Fears.”   Since the stakes are so high, it just seems unwise to reject alternative paths.

The documentary itself is presented on the blog in reverse chronological order.  It’s divided into 3 distinct sections (the past, the present and the future).  Some segments take a while to upload due to the extensive number of video clips.

Part 1 focuses on crowd behavior, themes of power and superempowerment, the role of sports in society and various natural/manmade disasters.  It examines how certain tragedies result in government action and closes with a look at the history of human stampedes.  Finally, I pose the question, “What’s the modern day, technological equivalent of shouting ‘fire’ in a crowded theater?”

Part 2 addresses the nuts and bolts of an artificially generated stampede and the potential for a dominipede, a tragedy along the scale of 9/11.

Part 3 deals with the overriding catch-22 and other moral hazard issues.  It also offers a few potential solutions.  I revisit themes of superempowerment and close with a simple premise. In a society based on lies, the dominipede would likely come to be known as the biggest lie in the history of humanity.

If you wish, feel free to sift through the documentary.

If you’re interested in creating a documentary or a movie with similar conceptual themes, please contact me.