Deshae Frost Stampede Observations

What could possibly go wrong when a famous youtube personality makes the following post on his Instagram account?

Well, we got an answer. Late on a Saturday afternoon (3-9-19), about 500 teenagers crowded into the Southcenter Mall food court and then suddenly ran towards the exit in the form of a crazed mob. Allegedly, as they ran, many were yelling about guns. This unanticipated exodus gave mall shoppers the impression that a mass shooting was under way. So what happens when casual bystanders watch others panic and run for their lives? Yep, you guessed it. They panic as well and scramble for the nearest exit. It’s called a stampede.

But do not fret. Deshae Frost, the social media sensation at the center of the chaos, fixed the problem. He deleted the original post and concocted a sincerely vague, run-on apology with numerous emojis.

Idk if anybody got hurt or anything but I have nothing but love for everybody ❤️ I held that meet and greet to interact with y’all and when it got overwhelming I got scared of my life because I’m new to this and I’m only so much a human being and started running to leave 💕 there are a lot of fake rumors going around but I’m here to tell you guys that I love you and my prayers go out to any family and fans who were negatively effected 😞 it makes me sad that the news would portray me in that type of image as to cause a “riot” on purpose 💯 goodnight frost gang ❤️

Problem solved! Well, except for those who were physically and emotionally impacted by the bedlam. Not to mention, the additional strain on mall security, police resources and emergency responders. Tukwila, Washington authorities have launched an official investigation and are considering pressing charges. But if you seriously believe that Frost will be held legally accountable for his actions, I’ve got a few Toys R Us stores I’d be willing to sell you.

Fortunately, there were no fatalities. However, in the midst of the confusion, there were scattered reports of minor injuries and a fear-induced heart attack. Several young children were also separated from their parents. Keep in mind, Frost did not have a permit for the event. Nor did he ask for permission from the mall.

A police spokesperson weighed in on the event. “He probably did not intend for that to happen, but just with what’s going on today, anything can happen.” Now there’s some insightful commentary. Excellent observation.

This mall incident, as a whole, speaks to my concerns regarding artificially generated stampedes. Particularly those originating as a by-product from social media activity. Yet, no matter how often these incidents occur, nobody seems willing to address the possibility of deliberate weaponization. They’re all just termed as these bizarre, fluky occurrences.

Well, I’ve got some bad news. Instead of viewing these seemingly crazy happenings as isolated incidents, it might be a good idea to take a gander at the overall progression and examine the trending collision of society and technology. Think about the problem from a generational warfare perspective. Human beings have always searched for innovative ways to engage in efficient, mass killing. I realize that might sound unsettling, but it’s an accurate statement. They shoot, they stab, they torture, imprison, and so on. They build missiles and drop bombs. They sail ships and fly planes. And they’re always seeking for ways to improve lethality while cutting expenditures. It’s called innovation and getting a decent rate of return on your investment. And it happens in all industries, not just the military. Education, health care, transportation, etc.

Now I do realize that this whole Deshae Frost social media prank is a far cry from a deliberate act of terrorism. But when you think about its underlying elements and the evolution of violence, let me pose some straightforward questions.

Is it possible to induce mass panic via social media? Is it possible to weaponize a human stampede and use it as an instrument of terror. Multiple, simultaneous stampedes?

Is it possible to engage in mass, random killing and indiscriminate maiming, without conventional weapons. How much would it cost? Could you essentially do it for free? Does anyone, other than myself, see the emerging wireless template?

I’m merely suggesting that the abstract notion of an artificially generated stampede, with every passing day, is trending toward a tangible reality. And if you find this alarming, well here’s some additional bad news. These cellular induced panics are already here. And they’re not going to magically vanish. It’s just a matter of time before we witness a black swan event.

This leaves us with two distinct options. Either ignore this specific angle in the realm of cyber-warfare… or confront it. I prefer the latter. Regrettably, mankind is choosing the former. ❤️ AGSAF gang