Comprehending the Dominipede: Part II

DominipedeCover finalWhen I raise the subject of a dominipede (multiple, simultaneous stadium stampedes), it’s usually greeted with some degree of skepticism.  Now there’s an understatement.  I’m often described as paranoid, delusional, agoraphobic, fear mongering, the list goes on.  I routinely see comments like TLDR or ^^^ spam ^^^.  Many claim I wear a tin foil hat.  Others advise me to “lay off the meds” or “try and be brave while attempting an escape from the confines of my parent’s basement.”

I’ve basically had to immunize myself from all of this.  Social media forums like facebook are an atrocious place to raise asymmetric national security issues.  After all, facebook lends itself to one-sentence replies and quickie memes, not serious commentary or analysis.  Unfortunately, if you didn’t already know, the internet is filled with these “heroic journalists.”  Someone’s always willing to chime in.  They’ll even get passionate about a statement like this…

The current state of venue emergency evacuation protocol is dangerously obsolete.

Now let’s be honest.  Half the country has no idea what that means.  And even if they did, most wouldn’t care.  I’m not writing about celebrity breakups or bad weather forecasts.  This material involves unconventional threat analysis and generational warfare issues (the weaponizing of human stampedes).  Nonetheless, social media offers the fastest and easiest way to dispense information and gain exposure for AGSAF.  So I guess there’s a balance.  Sorry.  Just had to get that off my chest.  If you keep reading, you’ll appreciate why it’s relevant.

This article will deal with the nuts and bolts of the hoax aspect — the ingredients to manufacture a dominipede.  Since it is by definition a “black swan” event that would reshape the landscape of society and redefine the symbiotic relationship between technology and humanity, well… let’s just say I think it warrants a brief run-thru.

There are literally an infinite number of ways to foment panic in a large, confined crowd.  I’m predominantly concerned with the wireless aspect.  When I try to explain the concept, the majority of people respond with, “Oh, I get it.  Everyone in the stadium gets a text message from their cell phones.  Probably an emergency evacuation order or a bomb threat.  Some people panic and run.  Then, people see others panic which causes them to panic.  Everyone suddenly wants out.  Herding instincts kick in and there’s a stampede.  I get it.  I guess something like that COULD happen.  Anything is possible.”

Then I often hear the question, “But how would they get my phone number?”  To which I reply, “THEY already HAVE your phone number.  The threat is coming from those you trust implicitly, likely family and close friends.”  And then I get that predictable look of confusion and bewilderment.  “Why would they do that?”  The skepticism continues, “Has anything like this ever happened before?”  To which I jokingly reply, “Absolutely!  There was a stampede last weekend at Heinz Field.  Happens all the time.”

Perhaps a better question is this.  Can the delivery of real-time cellular information compel people to physically move?  I don’t know.  You tell me.  Flash mobs, cash mobs, bomb threats, imminent tornado warnings, tsunami & flash flooding alerts, political protests, celebrity sightings, the financial trading pits, organized looting, civil unrest, a run on the banks, just to name a few.  So let me explain why the earlier perception is dangerously naive and how it represents an incredibly narrow, linear approach to the problem at hand.

But first, a disclaimer.  You cannot totally discount the direct path:

*  a wireless carrier hack
*  deliberate misuse of an opt-in notification system
*  sabotage of the WEA (Wireless Emergency Alert)
*  an SMS (short message service) bulk text with a defined list of numbers

Any and/or all of these modes of information dissemination could play an integral role.  In many ways, they represent “lights out” scenarios.  But I don’t think they constitute the “essence of the dominipede” and how it would actually transpire.  Ironically, when I stumbled upon the issue in 2011, that’s how I originally conceived of it.  It took me about a year to fully grasp the hoax aspect.  So I try not to cast aspersions on those who don’t instantly see the bigger picture.

As I was describing, most people think in terms of this unilateral, mysterious mass text message that hits everyone in the stadium near simultaneously.  They’re picturing it like an official Amber Alert in a church setting.  But that’s probably not how it pans out.

Let’s speculate that someone with malicious intent seeks to wirelessly contaminate a football stadium.  This would invariably lead them to instigate an “electronic avalanche of information,” something I refer to as a VIRAL BLITZKRIEG (a decentralized saturation of information intended to grow exponentially).  Think of it like a “delegation of broad authority whose purpose is to unwittingly spread a hoax and spark outright chaos.”  If you wish to extrapolate from the technical side, try googling any of these terms:  STINGRAY, MINIATURE HERO,  WARPARTH, BADGER, CHANGELING.

Rather than exploring a tech-heavy angle, let’s keep this as simple as possible.  Does anyone remember a childhood game called “Chinese Whispers?”  I don’t wish to offend anyone’s ethnic sensibilities.  It goes by several other names: pass the message, secret message, grapevine, and the aptly named broken telephone.

Here’s how it works.  One person whispers a message to another.  Each individual passes the message down the line using the same subdued technique.  Errors in content typically accumulate during the process.  Reasons for the changes usually include impatience and anxiousness, accidental corrections or intentional omissions.  When the last person reveals the original message, much to everyone’s chagrin, the content has been substantively altered.

This game serves as a metaphor to illustrate the pitfalls of cumulative human error.  It also demonstrates the unreliability of rumors and the inconsistencies with spreading gossip.

Now let’s take the “secret message” analogy and apply it to the NFL’s opening day 1 o’clock slate of games.  If we successfully introduce the VIRAL BLITZKRIEG variable, you have the defining ingredient for the largest game of “pass the message/broken telephone” in the history of the mankind.  You have individuals in every stadium, ever bar, every restaurant, every vehicle, every home… every place where people are watching or listening to the games.  It’s not just the stadiums.  It’s any location where there are mobile devices and the ability to communicate.

I’m not clairvoyant, but I can do a reasonably good job of predicting the actual barrage of “whispering” that would ensue.  Except this information would not be delivered in hushed tones.  It would be the loudest clamoring in the era of cellular technology.

the phone calls…

*  Are you okay?  Is everything okay?
*  Hey, are you alright?  Is everything alright?
*  Do you know what’s happening?  Did you just see what happened?
*  Something bad is going on!  You need to get out of the stadium!  Now!

the text messages…

*  WTH!  WTF!
*  Are you at the game?
*  Is anything weird happening at the game?
*  I need you to get out of the stadium!  PLEASE!  I’M BEGGING YOU!  I LOVE YOU!

I imagine it would echo the content that followed another black swan event… 9/11.  But the dominipede would feature vastly greater transmissions of confusion and chaos.  Because it all happens near simultaneously and nobody can offer a credible explanation as to why.  O.O.D.A. (observe, orient, decide, act) loops are rendered nonexistent.  Mitigation is irrelevant.  You cannot shut down an event that happens in real-time.  Reliance on the ill-defined Standard Operating Procedure 303 a/k/a the internet kill-switch is a recipe for disaster.

It’s vital to remember that everyone is witnessing and experiencing an event near-spontaneously.  The interpretation and reaction, especially from live sportscasters, carries tremendous weight in a very minimal time frame.  Other seemingly critical positions like incident command and emergency response are irreparably compromised.  Regardless, the chain of command structure was usurped and eviscerated so they never really mattered in the first place.

This is where social media truly backfires.  Individual fans would be overloaded with information from multiple, credible sources.  Everyone is either wishing to report the news, safeguard the lives of loved ones or both.  And at the same time, neither having the slightest knowledge of emergency evacuation procedures nor being able to comprehend the unique gravity of the hoax threat.  Remember, for the fans in the stadiums, much of the source info will be derived from social media.  People aren’t accustomed to comprehensive explanations.  People respond with snippets of information that are brief and powerful.  People respond with their fingers, not with their heads.  Next, they’d instinctively respond with their feet, as opposed to their fingers.

The unilateral phase of information delivery has concluded but the saturation is still growing exponentially.  More important, it is now decentralized.  I won’t hazard a precise guess, but I know the origins of the stampedes are measured in seconds, not minutes.  Eventually, the communications infrastructure likely gets shut down via SOP 303 (much like the air space following 9/11).  But by then, much the same, it’s too little too late.

Here’s the problem as I see it.  Too many people think in terms of the end result… a human stampede.  They’re mentally conditioned to ignore the sequential process or the build-up.  And they’re far too dismissive of the core element — the creation of an untested, synthetic variable resulting in large numbers of people moving aggressively to fixed locations in the stadium, whether it be the concourses or the exits.

Picture 9/11 unfolding as it did, under the scrutiny of live national television. But now consider the possibility of all four planes hitting each target simultaneously.  There would be no orientation phase.  The result — you would have known immediately that it was an act of terrorism.  No room for any debate whatsoever.  The difference is in the timing.  It could have been an accident, but with a dominipede, when one stadium gets hit, I think it’s pretty obvious they all tumble.  You don’t get a do-over.  No preseason.  No second chances.  This is why I often speak of the moral imperative for simply divulging the plain truth — legitimate stadium evacuation orders would never come from your personal cell phone.  Why take that step?  Because I’m not the only person on the planet who has thought of all this.  Just likely the only person to write about it… in exhaustive detail.

If you wish to play devil’s advocate, that’s fine.  From a debate perspective, I think you’ll discover that trying to defend the status quo is an incredibly weak position.  Because every argument is grounded in a premise that legitimizes ignorance.  That people remain better off not-knowing or oblivious.  It also infers that crowd safety is enhanced by a lack of situational awareness.  This makes no sense.  Unless the rules of the game have changed, most Americans are still supportive of their First and Second Amendment rights.  Everyone has the right to defend themselves.

Now regrettably, I don’t carry any weight with the National Football League.  And even if I did, the slightest hint of inertia would be geared toward suppressing or ignoring my concerns.  Discrediting me?  Don’t be silly.  You cannot refute that which you are unwilling to acknowledge.

I can assure you.  The NFL will never make a voluntary admission about the real-world disconnect with emergency evacuation protocol.  Because if they did, it would be a stark admission that a hypothetical scenario exists — one which could render their facilities unsafe.  And if you think they’re willing to put human safety ahead of profit, I have multiple bridges I’d like to sell you.  Actually, this statement merits clarification.  Commissioner Roger Goodell and NFL ownership would be more than happy to shed light on this issue and even willing to fix it… but only AFTER large numbers of people are injured, trampled and crush asphyxiated.  I can assure of something else.  They all know about it.  Go ahead and ask them.  Just make sure to get a recording.  That could be some really valuable footage.

Keep in mind, the dominipede is the cruelest hoax ever perpetrated.  It’s a nefarious attempt to initiate mass deception and indiscriminately kill civilians without weapons.  And it actually relies on the goodwill and empathy of man as opposed to our inner demons.

If you think about it, the recipe is pretty simple.  1 part humanity, 1 part technology.  Top it off with a lie.  Everyone knows the generic ingredients for a dominipede but nobody’s allowed to admit they know an actual recipe exists.  Worst of all, they’re holding the position of executive chef at all of the world’s finest restaurants.  But they aren’t getting paid.  Hell, they didn’t even realize they were gainfully employed.  And that’s what makes it the ultimate conspiracy — a defining act of generational warfare… even surpassing the incomprehensible attacks of 2001.